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Our venue

The event will take place at Link by UMA A-Tech (The Green Ray building), Universidad de Málaga, located at the extension of Campus of Teatinos. You can get there by combining different bus lines or the underground as explained below.

How to get there

From the city centre: 

  1. By bus: you can take the line bus number 11 (in Plaza de la Marina, which is close to Calle Larios (main street), or in Avda. Andalucía, at the roundabout); or line bus number 8 (in calle Hilera, just behind El Corte Inglés). Once you arrive at the University, you will have to change to the bus line L and get off at “Ingenierías”.

    However, due to underground works in the city centre, we highly recommend to check the bus stops in since some changes may come up during your stay.

2. By underground: Take the underground at Vialia María Zambrano train station and get off at “Andalucía Tech” station.

From the airport:
To get to the event from the airport, you can take the airport bus (Line A) to Malaga. The bus leaves the airport approximately every 30 minutes until 0:00. The central bus station is located on Paseo de los Tilos, next to the central train station María Zambrano. From the central bus station in Malaga, you can take the underground in Vialia María Zambrano train station to get to the Faculty. You will find bus itineraries at (English and Spanish).

From the train or bus station:
To get to the event from the bus station or the train station, you can take the underground in Vialia María Zambrano train station.


University of Málaga

Link by UMA A-Tech
(The Green Ray Building)
Blvr. Louis Pasteur, 47
29590 Málaga

Dis/Orientations and Dis/Entanglements
in Contemporary Literature and Culture:
An International Conference

University of Málaga (Spain)
21-23 September, 2022